Staff Profiles

Administrative Personnel

Anthony Bustamonte  -  President and Marketing Manager

B.A. 20 years of project management and general management of business operations. 12 years experience in underground storage tank and sewer project management. Training/Certifications: Confined Space Entry Training, Competent Person Trench Shoring Training, Personal Protective Equipment and Respiratory Protection Training

Tess Chadil  -  General Manager & Senior Project Manager

Masters in Environmental Management (M.E.M.) and Graduate Certificate of Hydrology, B.S. Environmental Science. Tess has 10 years of environmental industry experience including the management of underground storage tank projects and the evaluation of data to aid in toxics reduction strategy and as a fish and wildlife technician. Tess was featured in “Women of Vision” in 2014 for her leadership and innovative spirit. When Tess is not wearing her “Manager” hat at Soil solutions she dabbles in her first love as a Pastry Chef, cooking and baking and when time allows loves to go hiking.

Kendra Williams  -  Registered Geologist and Commercial Project Manager

Kendra has been a huge asset to our team since her arrival. She has a Master of Science and Geology. She has studied Environmental, engineering, advanced engineering, geographic systems, stratigraphy, statistics and data analysis, economic, groundwater geologies and coastal geomorphology.

Alex Mottern  -  Project Manager

Our customers really enjoy working with Alex. They tell us that he is professional and friendly; is a great communicator and offers support and service from the first phone call to the completion of a job. Alex, originally from New York, has his B.S. in chemistry focused on Biochemistry/Microbiology and Organic Chemistry of Natural Products. When not working at Soil Solutions, you can find Alex in the woods at an archery shoot or camping, in his garage blacksmithing, kayaking around the Willamette, fishing, at a Blazers or Timbers game, or lounging in his hammock.

Paul Tate  -  Project Manager

Paul also attended Portland State University and Graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Engineering. He holds Licenses in Radon Mitigation and HOT Supervision. Paul has had experiences as Team Leader of senior Capstone project, researching and designing a drinking water treatment plant for a small community in Nicaragua and as a team member of Portland Engineers without Borders Tanzania designing a four-stall composting toilet structure for the secondary school there. When not working at Soil Solutions he enjoys running, biking, acro, swimming, hiking, camping, bike camping, backpacking, gaming, reading, cooking, gardening, crosswords, cabin trips, hammock time, playing guitar, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele, etymology, and run on sentences. His alter ego/office dog is Bella, lover of life and chaser of squirrels.

Nick Thornton  -  Project Manager

Nick hails from Pennsylvania and moved to Oregon in the spring of 2015. He lives to do anything that involves the outdoors. From playing on a local Rugby team (The Portland Pigs) to snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, camping, ……. And he never goes anywhere without his 2 trusted canine companions, Baxter and Jane. Nick studied at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania where he received his Bachelor of Science Environmental Studies with a minor in Geology. He holds a License as a HOT Supervisor and has completed the 40-hour HAZWOPER certification.

Jack Sutherland  -  Project Manager

Jack graduated from Portland State with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and Minored in Geography. He also studied General Education at Community College. Jack has been a Radon Remediation Technician and also has been involved in Friends of Trees, The Johnson Creek Watershed Council and Portland Parks and Rec. He enjoys camping, fishing, listening to live music, going to Timbers matches, and volunteering. His go-to karaoke song is A Horse with No Name by America.

Gabrielle Bender  -  Project Assistant

Gabrielle has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental policy, planning and law. She minored in Urban Environmental Science. Gabby (as most people call her) grew up on a farm just across the river in Washington State. She spent a few years in Syracuse New York going to school, but her heart is in the Pacific NW. Gabby can often be found, cooking, practicing yoga, and spending time with her pets, friends, and family.

Mary Groff  -  Technical Report Writer

Mary has a BA in English and a Minor in Fine Arts and Sociology. Over the years that Mary has been with Soil Solutions she has worn many hats. Receptionist, Office Assistant, Scheduling and Project Manager. Mary now takes care of writing all of our Regulatory Reports for DEQ. When not at work Mary loves to spend time with her family; most especially with her daughter Hanna.

Nikki Predko-Howard  -  Bookkeeper

Nikki holds a Master of Science in Financial Analysis. She works a full time job as a Senior Tax Accountant and moonlights at Soil Solutions part time helping out in the accounting department. Nikki is a lover of all kinds of animals (she has cats and dogs) and enjoys going wine tasting as often as she can in our beautiful Willamette Valley.

Mckenzie Zuback  -  Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

McKenzie has a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from Winona State University MN. Her positive attitude and bubbly personality have been a real asset since joining Soil Solutions. She enjoys adventure, nature, and food-preferably all together. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she is a huge supporter of anything beer, cheese, or Green Bay Packers! New to Portland, she enjoys hiking and exploring and taking in all the PNW has to offer. Travel is her addiction. She has been to 9 countries and 4 continents (& counting). Some would say she is obsessed with Harry Potter and orca whales…and they would be correct. Oh, and her best friends named is Weasley Ronald who also happens to be her cat.

Field Personnel

Charlie Cannan  -  Field Operations Manager

Charlie has a B.S. in Environmental Science with 10 years’ experience as an environmental field technician conducting soil sampling, tank decommissioning, and site cleanup activities. Training/Certifications: National Environmental Health Association Residential Measurement and Mitigation Provider, Oregon DEQ UST Soil Matrix Cleanup Supervisor, Oregon DEQ UST Decommission Supervisor, Oregon DEQ Heating Oil Tank Supervisor, OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER, Confined Space Entry Training, Competent Person Trench Shoring Training, Personal Protective Equipment and Respiratory Protection Training. Charlie oversees all of our field operations, supervises our outstanding Field Technicians, scheduling, yard supervision and vehicle maintenance and repair.

Mike Chamberlain  -  Environmental Field Technician

Born and raised in Hawaii, Mike moved to Oregon in 2010 to attend college where he played on the men’s soccer team. Mike works in our heating oil tank department and has proven to be a valuable asset to the team. He is a quick learner and is always looking for ways to improve process and learn new things. Mike continues to play soccer in his spare time and looks for every opportunity to be in or on our beautiful rivers of Oregon.

Harry Cobb  -  Environmental Field Technician

Harry came to Soil Solutions with years of experience as a General Laborer, installer, remodeler, framer, demolition and Project Foreman. His hands on construction experience made him a valuable part of our team as a sewer and radon inspector and steps in on our concrete restorations as one of our finishers.

Neal Correy  -  Senior Environmental Field Technician

Neal has over 20 years of experience in the environmental field. He is certified in radon mitigation design and installation, seismic retrofitting design, and asbestos sampling and handling. He has a wonderful way with our customers. He is always patient and willing to answer questions and help educate our realtors and customers. In his off-time Neal coaches’ softball and lives for the fall hunting season every year.

James Conway  -  Environmental Field Technician

James is a Certified Radon Mitigation Installation Specialist. He is also one of our lead technicians on Seismic design and earthquake retrofitting for residential homes. Originally from Willamet, New York and moved to Oregon in 2016. When James is not crawling in crawl spaces he likes to crawl around the woods hunting for mushrooms.

Corey Davison  -  Environmental Field Technician

Corey is one of our Licensed HOT Supervisors and UST decommissioning specialists. Corey is experienced in all things heating oil tank decommissioning and soil sampling. He doesn’t think twice about crawling into an underground heating oil tank in full HazMat gear to triple rinse a tank. Corey is known around Soil Solutions as the quick witted and funny guy. He has a joke about everything and lives life like the glass is half full.

Jordan Frey  -  Environmental Field Technician

Jordan came to us with a wealth of experience in General labor, Forklift and heavy Equipment operation. He is certified in Residential Radon Mitigation through NRPP. It brings great joy to Jordan to leave a property in as good as or better shape than when he arrives. This comes from his years as a landscaping professional. Originally from Williamsport Pennsylvania, he moved to Oregon in 2015. Hard working and dependable, Jordan is always happy and has a kind word for everyone.

Dave Hubbell  -  Senior Environmental Field Technician

As one of the longest employees at Soil Solutions, Dave has been directly involved in the growth and success of this company. He brings with him a strong work ethic, depth of knowledge and experience in the environmental field. He is highly respected and liked by his team and the customers love him. Dave has many outside interests. He is a Nature enthusiast, loves gardening, visiting Art Museums and attending Shakespeare plays in the park.

Dan Irvin  -  Environmental Field Technician/CDL Driver

You will often see Dan driving our rolloff truck and working alongside his cousin Todd on our projects.

Todd Irvin  -  Senior Environmental Field Technician

Todd’s career has been focused on working in the environmental fields. Another one of our long-time employees, Todd has also been an integral part of the growth and success of Soil Solutions from early on. He also holds a License as an HOT Supervisor. When not at work Todd enjoys camping and fishing for trout in the Prineville area. He also loves driving quads.

Jeff Meacham  -  Environmental Field Technician

With a bachelor’s in Environmental Science and of the Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Math, Physics, Philosophy), Jeff came to us with a passion for the environment. Before he joined Soil Solutions he worked as Project Manager and Teaching Assistant on the Johnson Creek Watershed Project and assisted in Biological characterizations of storm water management at Portland State University. Certified in Residential Radon Mitigation through NRPP.

Phil McNair  -  Environmental Field Technician

Phil is Certified in Residential Radon Mitigation through NRPP in both Oregon and Washington.

Jason Merritt  -  Senior Environmental Field Technician

Originally from New York, Jason was working for Soil Solutions before we even had an office. When not working here the first 10 years, Jason spent time touring Europe as a musician and is a published poet. Jason has lots of great stories to tell about his travels. He is one of our licensed HOT Supervisors and Radon Mitigation Specialists and has extensive experience in both areas.

Antonio Rosas  -  Environmental Field Technician

9 years experience as environmental field technician conducting soil sampling, tank decommissioning, and site cleanup activities. Training/Certifications: Oregon DEQ Heating Oil Tank Supervisor, Confined Space Entry Training, Competent Person Trench Shoring Training, Personal Protective Equipment and Respiratory Protection Training.

Toshio Sagara  -  Environmental Field Technician

Toshio attended Montana State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Land Resource Analysis and Management and a Minor in Water Resources. He also studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Idaho. He is also one of our Licensed HOT Supervisors. For fun, he loves to go fly-fishing, hiking, travel and dabbles in Photography.

Tony Young  -  Senior Environmental Technician

Tony’s specialty is finding underground heating oil tanks. If there is one there, chances are he will find it. It takes a certain trained eye to see all the possible places a tank (or even a 2nd tank) might be. For 5 years Tony worked alongside a dog specially trained in detecting underground fuel oil. Tony is also a licensed HOT Supervisor and is certified as a radon technician and trained in asbestos handling and sampling. When on his own time, Tony flies remote control planes for fun and has an infectious laugh and a wicked, whitty sense of humor.

Colin Vranizan  -  Environmental Field Technician

Educated in Santa Barbara, CA, Colin graduated with a B.S. in Geological Sciences. He has worked as a Geoscience Technician performing geological mapping and data collection and also was involved in processing and analyzing samples. Colin has a great personality and sense of humor. His passion is playing in his band the past 6 years as their drummer. If you can hit it with a stick Colin loves to play it.