Residential Tank Installations

If you enjoy using oil heat, aboveground tanks are great alternatives to underground storage tanks. You can have all the benefits of oil heat without the environmental liability of an underground tank.

In residential settings we typically install new UL approved 275-gallon aboveground heating oil storage tanks. The 275 gallon tanks are 60 inches long, 28 inches wide and 44 inches tall. Other tank sizes are available for special applications.

We have experience installing aboveground tanks in basements, garages and outside of the homes. All appropriate city structural and mechanical building permits are included in the project. We apply for the permits on behalf of our client and coordinate all permit inspections with the city. Tanks are installed to the current standards as outlined in the International Residential Code.

All tanks are installed on a structurally approved foundation. A steel reinforced concrete pad will be poured for the tank installation. Tanks can be installed on an existing concrete pad if it meets structural requirements.

We always suggest having a licensed heating and cooling contractor perform a furnace tune up or maintenance call upon installation of a new tank to an existing heating system. This will ensure the system is in optimal working condition and that the system will function efficiently for many years.

Residential Tank Project Inquiries

A safe and properly functioning tank system includes:

  • Strict adherence to all residential code requirements
  • All appropriate municipal building permits are obtained
  • All tank installations are inspected and approved by the city