Soil Solutions offers comprehensive inspections for sewer lines in multi-family housing properties, including multiplexes, townhouses, condominiums, and mobile home parks. Our seasoned techinicians use specialized equipment to thoroughly inspect sub-surface piping by deploying a high-resolution camera within the sewer line. Access to the sewer line is generally achieved through a cleanout, although certain scenarios may require access through a roof vent or the temporary removal of a toilet. Our specialized inspections are tailored to your project's unique requirements, by providing complete assessments of piping condition, serviceability of lines, and the precise identification of complex multiple line systems.

Already had your sewer line inspected and know there is a problem?
Please visit our Commercial Sewer Line Repair and Replacement page to learn about the quality, professional sewer repair services offered at Soil Solutions, as well as what information we need from you to provide an estimate to complete the repair.