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Asbestos Inspections

Certified inspectors will assess your home before remodeling or demolition to keep your property safe by identifying existing asbestos. Samples are collected from suspect areas and analyzed by a NVLAP Accredited Asbestos Lab. Asbestos can be found in flooring, popcorn ceilings, wallboard, plaster, and vermiculite insulation. If you’re concerned about potential hazards from asbestos exposure give Soil Solutions a call, we know exactly what to look for to help keep everyone involved in your project safe. 

Soil Infiltration Testing

Soil Solutions offers comprehensive services to assist with satisfying pre-construction stormwater management design requirements. Our ability to use the double ring infiltrometer or open pit measurement procedures, as well as our familiarity with the CIty of Portland's stormwater management guidelines, can be a valuable resource for your construction or redevelopment project. Our licensed geologist's expertise in site testing and preparation of summary reports will be instrumental in ensuring that your project meets the requirements. Let us be an asset to your project!


Our services include whole-house demolition to prepare your property for redevelopment while minimizing landfill disposal through meticulous waste sorting. We're committed to sustainability by recycling metals, wood debris, and concrete materials whenever possible. Usable fixtures are carefully removed and donated to rebuilding centers, fostering community benefit and waste reduction. Environmental impact is further mitigated through our stormwater runoff and dust control measures, ensuring strict compliance with regulations. Prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility, we conduct pre-demolition materials surveys to manage environmental risks associated with materials such as asbestos and lead. Soil Solutions is here to provide a holistic approach to residential property management, promoting sustainability and responsible construction practices every step of the way.

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