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Specialized Services to Help You Navigate Environmental Regulations

Unresolved environmental issues have the potential to result in substantial financial liabilities and obligations, which can restrict your ability to sell the property in the future. Soil Solutions' experienced project managers offer expert consulting services to ensure compliance with the most current state and federal cleanup regulations. The property may be enrolled in the state’s cleanup program to facilitate oversight and approval of investigative and remedial actions. Following successful remediation or implementation of control measures, the state may grant an NFA (No Further Action) letter. Soil Solutions maintains a strong and productive working partnership with both the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the Washington Department of Ecology.
The Soil Solutions field crew is a well-established, highly experienced team with an impressive record of adhering to strict safety protocols, ensuring the smooth completion of complex projects without safety incidents. We utilize a range of well-maintained equipment to complete the job on time and within budget. Our staff has the expertise to efficiently manage field activities while adhering to project timelines. Additionally, we offer assistance with contaminated media management plans and can act as an intermediary between you and regulatory agencies.
Soil Solutions has extensive experience in a wide range of remediation services, including but not limited to; impacted soil, and groundwater removal, underground storage tank decommissioning and the implementation of stormwater management plans. Our expertise extends to these and other remediation services, making us well-equipped to address a diverse array of environmental challenges.

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