Find a tank on your construction site? Have your own excavator on hand? Soil Solutions will decommission the tank to state-regulated standards and provide oversight of your own tank removal with the required state-licensed UST supervisors. This oversight is required to meet state agency decommission certification standards, but you can remove the tank and backfill the area using your own contractor and excavator. 
If a tank leak is detected, our supervisors can provide oversight of contaminated soil removal and assist in proper permitted disposal. Our technicians perform any necessary site investigation and leave the excavating to you! Following the supervised site investigation and cleanup, Soil Solutions can certify that your site meets the Oregon DEQ or Washington DOE cleanup file closure requirements and submit a detailed final report.
Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, Soil Solutions is here to answer questions, offer technical guidance, and provide the professional experience you need. Reach out today, and let us know how we can help.
Do you have questions about an ongoing project at your property?  
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