Regulatory Cooperation
An involved party often requires certification from a state agency that remediation has been properly completed, the site may be enrolled in the state’s cleanup program to provide oversight and approval of the investigative and remedial actions. Upon successful remediation or implementation of control measures, the state will grant an NFA (No Further Action) letter. Soil Solutions has an excellent collaborative relationship with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the Washington Department of Ecology.  

Safety First   
The Soil Solutions field crew is highly experienced and has an impressive record of adhering to strict safety measures that facilitate the successful closure of complicated jobs without incident. We utilize a selection of well-maintained equipment to complete the job on time and within budget. Our staff can skillfully manage field activities while maintaining project schedules. Finally, we can also assist with contaminated media management plans and serve as a liaison between you and regulatory agencies.  

Diverse Expertise  
Soil Solutions has an abundance of experience with a variety of remediation services including but not limited to underground storage tank decommissions, removing impacted soil or groundwater, installing vapor mitigation systems, and bioremediation.  

Do you have questions about an ongoing project?   
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