Abate the Risk
The most effective defense against this unwelcome gas is the installation of a radon mitigation system. Soil Solutions' experienced NRPP-certified radon technicians design custom abatement systems specific to each home's unique structure to ensure the maximum reduction of radon levels.   

Effective Systems
Soil Solutions inspecs the home to design a radon reduction system tailored to the specific needs of each house, evaluating the best placement options for system components. Mitigation systems commonly include the installation of a sealed vapor barrier and/or the installation of a fan to vent the harmful gases from the house. In most cases, our installation proposals include a guarantee that radon in the home will be reduced to an acceptable level. On the off chance the system needs adjustments after installation, our team will make whatever modifications are necessary at no additional charge.   

Soil Solutions Delivers  
Whether your home has a basement, crawlspace, or a concrete slab, Soil Solutions will tailor a long-lasting, cost-efficient system to your home that will quietly reduce exposure to radon for years to come.  

Do you have questions about the existing system at your home?   
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