The Facts 
Heating oil tanks were a common source of heat in the Pacific Northwest and many properties in the area have buried tanks that have been out of use and forgotten for many years. A buried tank that has leaked or has not been properly decommissioned can be a liability and even a risk to your health or the environment. A heating oil tank scan should be performed on any property before purchase to ensure there are no subsurface surprises. 
Meticulous Investigations  
When in use there will be visual indications of a buried heating oil tank such as a fill pipe functioning to deliver oil to the tank, the vent pipe to prevent accumulation of gases, and oil supply lines that run from the tank into the home. When tanks have been abandoned these visual indications may have been removed or covered. Using a combination of historic records, powerful metal detectors, and years of experience locating abandoned tanks, our inspectors will perform a meticulous search of the property to determine if there is, or was, a heating oil tank.   

Trustworthy Tank Scan Reports
Soil Solutions will provide an inspection report that documents the area scanned as well as any obstacles encountered during the search. If a tank is discovered, Soil Solutions' experienced project managers and DEQ-licensed tank team can assist with inspection, decommission, and DEQ certification. 

Whether you are a potential home buyer doing your due diligence on a new home or a homeowner looking to investigate a concern, Soil Solutions is here to provide the professional experience you need. Reach out today, and let us know how we can help.   

Already know you have a tank?  
Please give our office a call to speak to a project manager or visit our Residential Tank Services page to learn about the quality, professional heating oil tank inspection, decommission, and cleanup services offered by Soil Solutions.