Understanding Underground Liabilities
Underground tanks were a popular way to enjoy the benefits of oil heat without impacting the aesthetic of the property.  Unfortunately, buried tanks are susceptible to corrosion. Many of the underground heating oil tanks in the Northwest have leaked, contaminating the surrounding soil and in some cases impacting groundwater and indoor air quality. Issues of environmental concern and potential liability dictate that every underground heating oil tank be checked for leakage.

Licensed and Experienced
Collection and analysis of soil from below the tank is the first step in assessing whether or not there has been a release of heating oil into the surrounding soil. Soil sample collection can be completed without disruption to a buried tank that is in use as the heat source for the home. Soil samples are commonly collected before or during a property transaction to evaluate potential environmental and financial liabilities associated with a buried tank. 

Reports to Rely On
Soil Solutions uses an independent certified laboratory to provide next-day results to meet your tight timeline. We will provide a statement and a copy of the lab report, as well as recommendations for tank decommission or cleanup if needed. Whether you are a prospective buyer, a homeowner preparing to put your house on the market, or simply changing heat sources, assessing the soil surrounding the heating oil tank is an excellent way to avoid an unwelcome surprise. 

Whether you are a potential home buyer doing your due diligence on a new home or a homeowner looking to investigate a concern, Soil Solutions is here to provide the professional experience you need. Reach out today and let us know how we can help.

Already had your soil tested and contamination found?
Please give our office a call to speak to a project manager or visit our Residential Tank Services page to learn about the quality, professional heating oil tank decommission and cleanup services offered by Soil Solutions.