When Things Get Dirty  
If soil contamination is detected, a tank release is reported to DEQ, and a Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) file is opened. Soil Solutions offers competitive pricing for any cleanup needed to meet DEQ file closure requirements. 

Depending on the level of contamination detected, a Soil Matrix (simple), Generic Remedy (intermediate), or Risk-Based (complex) cleanup will be recommended. A simple cleanup means no additional work on site is needed. Intermediate or complex cleanups require further soil sampling and analyses to determine the full extent of the contamination. Some complex cleanups require additional investigation into potential impacts to groundwater, well water, and whether harmful vapors can enter the residence, to ensure there is no risk to human health or the environment.  

Competent Certified Cleanups 
Whether your project needs a tank and contaminated soil removal, groundwater or air monitoring, or a vapor mitigation system to improve indoor air quality, we will provide the best solution to make the cleanup as painless as possible. With more than 25 years of experience, Soil Solutions' project managers and DEQ-licensed tank team have the know-how to bring your cleanup project to file closure.  

Reports to Rely On    
Once we certify the completion of your project a thorough report documenting our work will be submitted to DEQ for final review and LUST file closure. We can also assist you through the Oregon DEQ cost recovery process or the Washington Pollution Liability Insurance Agency (PLIA) claim process. 

Whether you are a potential home buyer doing your due diligence on a new home or a homeowner looking to investigate a concern, Soil Solutions is here to provide the professional experience you need. Reach out today, and let us know how we can help. 

Do you have questions about an ongoing project?   
Contact us today to speak to one of our project managers and learn more about the quality, professional storage tank and cleanup services offered by Soil Solutions.