A Look Inside the Pipe  
Inspecting sub-surface piping requires specialty equipment and an experienced technician with an eye for detail. A visual assessment of the inside of the pipe can be completed by inserting a camera into the sewer line and viewing its condition. The sewer line is typically accessed through a cleanout, but in some cases, it may be necessary to utilize a roof vent or temporarily remove a toilet.   

Common Defects Found in Sewer Lines  
Our sewer specialists are experts at recognizing any issue that may exist in your line such as root intrusions, pooling, or pipe separations. The age of the sewer line, as well as its composition, can cause the pipe to be more susceptible to these issues. Let our technicians deliver peace of mind by providing a clear and comprehensive picture of the unique structure of your sewer line.       

Detailed Review and Report
Soil Solutions will provide a thorough report that includes a link to view the inspection video, a description of the pipe composition, and an assessment of the condition of the line. If defects are encountered, Soil Solutions' experienced project management team can help determine the most cost-effective approach to repair.     

Whether you are a potential home buyer doing your due diligence on your new home, or a homeowner looking to investigate a concern, Soil Solutions is here to provide the professional experience you need.  Reach out today, and let us know how we can help.     

Already had your line inspected, and you know there is a problem?   
Please visit our Sewer Repairs and Replacement page to learn about the quality, professional sewer repair services offered at Soil Solutions, as well as what information we need from you to provide an estimate to complete the repair.